Thrive Content Builder Review

May 4, 2016


Thrive content builder review


This review shows how Thrive is taking the drag & drop editor to new levels with ease of use, fully responsive design and with a powerful front-page editor.


Here are the 3 great things and one not so great feature


  1. Front page editor


WordPress is a fantastic platform for all skill levels to build websites on due to the extensive list of easy to use themes and plugins.   Since thrive content builder has come on the scene I’ve realised a massive limitation to the editor that’s available in wordpress.


As most would know it can take a lot of time getting a page or post to look the way you want it to. First the edit needs to be made in the editor, you then hot preview to see if it looks they way you want. If it does great hit the publish button. However if it doesn’t you need to close down that window continue to make edits and hot preview until its right.


Step in Thrive’s content builder plugins ability to edit live on the front page, checkout the screen shot below


The power of this plugin is in the fact that you are able to make changes as if your looking at the actually webpage your building. Not only is this feature pretty cool you also don’t require any coding skills with content builders what you see is what you get editor.


How does it work – The essence of the builder is that you drag what element you want on the page from the formatting Bar displayed. Once the element has been added to the page you can select to toggle the options available for that particular element.





The following elements are available in the page builder: Simple, Multi Style & Advanced Elements. Here’s a quick breakdown of each:


Simple: Contains elements such as paragraphs/text, image, button, credit card icons, content container and HTML blocks.


Multi-Style: Introduces to your page things such as columns, guarantee box, call to actions and testimonial’s.


Advanced: Google Map embed, pricing tables and feature grids.





  1. Bonus – Get landing pages and light box popup feature as part of the plugin


A great bonus with the purchase of content builder is included is thrive landing pages & thrives lightbox popup feature. There are ready-made templates that you can adopt or adapt to suit your style and audience to boost conversions on your website. There are 9 landing page template sets all up that are being added to on a regular basis.


The beauty of landing page sets is the predesigned templates that you can edit utilising the content builder plugin for your sales funnel. From landing page to sign up page to a thank you pages are available in the landing page plugin.






The lightbox pop up


There was a podcast recently that showed how a 2 step optin increased Pat Flyn’s conversion rate by 25%. What exactly is a 2 step optin and why would it increase your conversions? Great question!


Instead of having a form on your site that asks directly for your visitors details (things such as name & email address) you can display a link or a button that when clicked on pops up a lightbox for them to enter their details into – the difference being they are a step closer to making decision to enter in their details as they have already said “yes” psychologically to clicking on the link or the button. Here’s an example below






  1. Thrive box set


Three big plugins from Thrive I refer to as Thrives Box set which the content builder is one of these. Content builder works seamlessly with Thrive leads and Thrive Themes.


For anyone starting from scratch building a website that is optimised for conversions it’s such a good way to get off the ground and learn in a very quick and effective manner.


If you have an existing site it could potentially save your many hours of time plugging in the content builder to your existing site to build new pages or content.


1 bad – can’t use on exiting content


The only downside to this all is that the content builder front page editor cant be used on existing content. So for those who are happy with there current set up (or happy to change using the standard wordpress editor) this isn’t an issue.




Free site builder by site origin – limited themes that can be troublesome with other plugins and no landing pages